Mission and values

Our mission



By providing a quality product to the market, facilitate the development of society and the state, as well as to grow together with our partners.

Our values


Professional and loyal employees, cooperated with corporate culture and shares values of the company are the key to the implementation of our mission and success! We always support, encourage intellectual, personal and professional development of each employee. We respect our people, appreciate their abilities, and care for them!



We are open, honest and always keep our promises given to employees, partners, customers and suppliers. By supporting the idea of respect and decency in relations in team and beyond it we are honest in providing any information. We value the reputation of our company!



We take full responsibility towards to suppliers, customers and partners, our environment, society and respect local regulations where we conduct the business. The company's products are fully certified and corresponds the highest standards.



Professionalism – basic value and the core of our activity, which allows to realize the company's mission, successfully maintain and develop the business. We strive for constant collective and partnership development, improvement and progress!



Respect for laws:
We do the business in accordance with the laws of our country, support the idea of free and successful competition, do not demonstrate and apply inappropriate and illegal actions against neither employee nor against a partner, customer, supplier and competitor.